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DCSC & Summer 2010 Scootering in Worcester...

Seen some scooters here and there in Worcester. Seem like
people just commuting to work cheaply, not necessarily
true scooter fans / enthusiasts. A couple nice Vespas
but mostly cheapo knockoff Chinese bikes and alot of
careless, foolish scooter driving: sneaking up the side
of the curb, splittling lanes, generally acting stupid...

There was some sort of scooter ride event thing planned
recently that involved a ride to the Brimfield Fair and
then ending up at a bar in Worcester with Boston scooter
glitterati providing probably really good dj-ing services,
but because I had no scoot and no motivation, I stayed home.

I know there's some big-ass Boston Rally thing scheduled
but what about Central Mass? What about being in the middle,
centrally located to everything? Is there ANY interest in
a future SUMMER SCOOT style of event?

I'm pretty burnt out on trying to organize anything largely
due to the fact that so many people had opinions and ideas on
what they wanted the event to be, but very few actually helped
to actually DO anything and then bitched and moaned afterwards
about the event. I did my best with what resources I had.

And if there's interest in trying to plan perhaps a FALL 2010
gathering, I might be game to firing up my creative skills again
but I really need to hear from people NOW.

Contact me at scootergeek@gmail.com

Great Way To Start My Summer of Scootering...

I had my scooter picked up and brought to Wagner Motorsports in Worcester
about three weeks ago for its annual tune-up / why won't it start-a-thon.

Last week, I got a call from Wagner saying that it would be done for
that weekend. I told Wagner that I was going away that weekend and would
pick it up the following Thursday when I know they are open later into the evening.

Thursday... I call several times to ask when I could pick the scooter up.
Wagner's Service Dept. says that they are backed up, that it's crunch time,
that lots of people want their motorcycles etc. ready for Memorial Day Weekend
and Wagner'll call me and let me know, and they said they were aiming for it
to be ready Thursday before close.

No call. Nothing.

Friday... I call again. Service Dept. assures me I'll have it by end of day.
They'll call me in 20 minutes with an update. An HOUR goes by. I have to call
THEM. They told me that they lost power, it was mayhem, things are backed up,
but they're working on my scooter now.

Great. I plan on having a cab bring me from my house in Tatnuck all the way
over to Great Brook Valley to Wagner so I can ride my scooter home and have a
great long weekend of riding my scooter.

But no...

Wagner calls JUST AS I'd arranged with a cab driver to pick me up in Tatnuck...
The scooter won't be ready. It's more of a repair than they anticipated. The parts
will take time to come in. They don't know how long. AND I THOUGHT THEY SAID THAT
MY SCOOT WOULD BE DONE LAST WEEK... They didn't even look at it until today.

They lied. They lied several times. And they didn't do what they said they were
going to do. They PROBABLY meant well and were doing their best, but the best
way to do your best is to not lie and not over-promise and do RIGHT by your
paying customers whether you're the only Aprilia dealer / repairer in the area
or not. It doesn't matter. THREE WEEKS is ample time to get this done. If it's
your busy time of the year and you need more staff to get the job done, HIRE MORE
STAFF. It can't be that difficult to plan ahead for what you know is your busy time.

And now I don't have my scooter. It's not the end of the world, but I'm more angry
about being led on, lied to, etc. (Sound familiar?)

And in the end, I'll still have to pay these guys and deal with them in the future
because there are no other scooter repair places for a freakin' Italian scooter.
Thanks, Wagner.

DCSC & Summer 2009 Scootering in Worcester...

Let's be honest. My main focus in life of late
has NOT been scootering, but on working and trying
to make sure I can keep a roof over my head and
equally important is maintaining and enjoying being
in a relationship with my girlfriend Brooke.

So, because of these two very big reasons AND the
diminishing amount of satisfaction I was deriving
from organizing subsequent Summer Scoot events (thanks
to the splintering and factioning and divisiveness of
the New England - Worcester specifically scooter
"scene") I decided not to bother investing my self
and my money in a scooter rally in Worcester in '09.
So... it's Early June 2009. I just got my Mojito
back from Wagner Motorsports and I've been riding
around illegally on a scoot that I need to update
the registration on and get the proper sticker on
my license plate. I drive taxi cab during the day
now. Night driving was also holding me back from
planning or participating in and (if any) local
scooter activities.

I see an occasional scooterist here and there, riding
their ride, looking like their having fun. Maybe there
is a new crop of scooter people out there looking for
a less-cliquey way to be a part of "scooter culture",
whatever the hell that is. Maybe there are others out
there who'd like to ride around in a group some weekday
early evening, in and around Worcester for an hour or
and have a beer at one of my favorite Worcester bars...

...THAT'S IT. That's the Basic Idea...

...people with scooters getting together once in a while
WITH their scooters, going for a group ride in and around
Worcester, EXPLORING, taking photos, bumbling around,
having fun and then ending up back at a bar for ONE, then
heading home. Really not that complicated.

Anyone Interested?

I'm proposing a first meet up to be at Ralph's Diner
in Worcester on Wednesday, June 10th at around 5:30pm
with a ride starting promptly at 7:00pm, ending an hour later.

Those who show up, if any, can kick around the idea of future
meet-ups. IF IT RAINS, I won't be showing up. And I'll post
something on this website that I won't be showing up.

E-mail me if you want to let me know you're interested.
No Twittering, tweeting, instant messaging, cell phone numbers, etc. Just show up.

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weekend as well.

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