GREAT scooter & coffee shop
in Providence, R.I.

Wagner Motorsports
Worcester, MA
Scooters, Motorcycles
(BMW, Ducati, Moto Guzzi,
Husqvarna Motorcycles and
Aprilia Scooters &

Vespa Leicester
(aka Breezy Bend RV)
New Vespa dealer for Central Mass.
in Leicester, MA - (Rt. 9 West)

Red Streak Motors
Marlborough, MA
(electric & gas)
ATV's & Dirt Bikes

Ride A
Worcester-based TANK scooter dealer
(My Dad bought his TANK from Tony)

All Outdoors Scooters
New Hampshire scooter shop

Herb Chambers Vespa dealership
THE new & used Vespa
dealership in the Boston area.

Vespa Hartford
Hartford, CT Vespa dealership

Scooter Centrale
Hartford, CT scooter dealership:
Piaggio, Genuine,
Kymco and TGB
super cool scooter-exclusive dealer!

Brooklyn / NYC-based
Lambretta dealership
(great FLASH website)

Montreal-based Vespa dealership
(lots of great photos!)

GS MotorWorks
Texas-based scooter etc. dealership

GS City Cool Scooters
Colorado-based scooter etc. dealership


Scooter Patch Archive

Scooter Lounge illustration

LOTS of Scooter Photos
on Flickr

Scooter decal *bling*
& more (Australia)!

LOTS of great Vespa-
scooter shirts & more!

Bags, Messenger Bags, more!

NY-themed stylish stuff, incl.:
bags, clothes, and more!

Mad Dog Scooter Stuff
T-shirts, Outerwear, Bags,
Patches, Buttons, Stickers & more
for the scooter enthusiast!

Classic Vespa Pin-Up Grrrrrl Photos
Seductive colors, intoxicating
curves... and those are just
the scooters...

Andrew Stottsan Honda
Metropolitan photo
Photographer Andrew Stottsan
took this swell scooter picture.


Scoot! Magazine
Scooter Rider Magazine
NYC Scooterist


Moped Army
Moped Riders Assoc.
Boston Mopeds
Honda Cub site
Tomos USA (Mopeds)
Google "Honda Cub" search
Google "Moped" search


The Bruce Weiner
Microcar Museum
BMW, Isetta, Messerschitt,
Messerschmidt, kr200,
Micro Cars and more!


Scoot MA
Vintage Scooter Group
The Scooterati
Scooter BBS
Rhode Island Scooters
Ladies Scooter Society of Boston
New England Scooters
Metro Chicks
Retro Scooter Club
Honda Metropolitanites

Urban Scootin'
Honda Metropolitan
Scooter Group

GirlBike / Scooters
Women, scooters, bikes...

Moped Riders -
Scooter Forum

New England
Scooter Clubs

Scoot MA Scooter Club
Massachusetts scooter club

Greater Boston Scooter Club
Boston area scooter club

Diner City Scooter Club
Worcester-based scooter org

Death or Glory Scooter Club
Rhode Island-based scooter club

Sun & Fun Scooter Club
Northeastern CT-based scooter club

Galaxy Scooter Club
Boston-based scooter club

Boston Stranglers
Boston-based scooter club

Valley Llamas Scooter Club
Western Mass-based scooter club

I Scoot NY
NYC-based scooter club

Donne Veloci
"Fast Women"
NYC-based scooter club

Jedi Knights
Scooter Club
multi-city club

in General

TokyoScoot / ScootGirl
Lots photos of people on
scooters in Tokyo!

Scooter Trash - Scooter Links
Lots & lots of scooter-related links

Vespa Scooter Obsession
All kinds of Vespa stuff...

(Pics, Links & News are up & going!)

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