stART on the Street = Huge Success

photo number 01 - (click photo)
I got to the stART on the Street festival/fair
thing early for set-up and assisted a woman who I went to
high school with (Stacy) with hanging up pieces of cardboard
along the Santiago's Market fence, so that kids could help in
creating a street mural. As we did this, other volunteers
brought bottles of water to volunteer tables and others set
up stages for musicians. Meanwhile, a large section of South
Main Street was slowly closed to all street traffic.
The transformation from busy downtown street to colorful
arts district fair was amazing! After I dropped off my stuff
for my "booth" and drove back to the Registry of Motor
Vehicles lot, I saw an artist with an easel on the corner of
Madison & Main painting. I would love to see MORE scenes
like this happen safely in the future in Worcester's Arts

photo number 02 - (click photo)
After some confusion as to where tables/booths
were supposed to be set up and how cars dropping stuff
off were supposed to exit without toppling over peoples'
set-ups, we all set up in the center of the street, back
to back, thereby creating aisles on the outsides of the
street near the sidewalks for attendees to stroll through
and check out all the art.

When I finally got myself situated, the Action Geek /
dsquared booth was really a re-creation of sorts of
my livingroom complete with my coffee table, gold
livingroom chair, gold ottomon and round bamboo-like
glass-covered end table thing. I got so many
compliments on having the most comfortable chair in
the whole festival. Plus, festival volunteers loved helping
fill in for me as I went to take a break, because they got
to lounge in the chair with their feet up on the ottomon.

photo number 03 - (click photo)
South Main Street was full of every possible kind
of artist - I had a jewelry maker to my left and a chalk
artist/musician to my right, with two fine painters behind
me. There were photographers, bands, sculpters, more
jewelry people... you name it... Right near my "booth" was
Santiago's parking lot where people were doing poetry
readings, music of all sorts and down toward the Chandler
Street end of the festival, there was a band stage where
dancers, bands and other performers did their thing. You
might think that it was one big noisy mess, but the two
stages didn't clash with eachother in the slightest.

Jim Sweet
A couple tables away,
my friend Jim Sweet had
his set up showing all of
his pen/ink Escher meets Bosch
type of work. He claimed that
was trying to look like he was
from Fight Club. Uh...

photo number 04 - (click photo)

photo number 05 - (click photo)
I didn't wander around all that much, because I was
so busy talking with people, telling them what Action Geek
is all about and how it's made and where the ideas come
from. A father or a 10-12 yr old was asking me, with his
son, exactly how the comics were made and I told him,
pretty much: pencil, ink, erase, scan and Photoshop.
Many people asked how the pages were so glossy. Many
people asked where they could buy them and on and on...
It was great. I can only imagine how much interest other
artists had in their work.

I ran into all kinds of people: old high school friends I
hadn't seen in years, former co-workers, scene-friends
from Ralph's and Vincent's. I spoke with Brian Goslow
from and saw Erick Godin from
Lucky Dog. Ran into Mauro from WCCA-TV13 and
even spoke with who I think was a State Representative.
Long lost friends, new friends, college students and
every one inbetween...

Chalk drawing

ACID billboard

2 attendees
Yes, I should have gotten around
a bit more to take more photos, but
I was having a blast talking with people
and selling Action Geek comic'zines
and giving away promotional postcards
and stuff. The fair was an incredible
success from what I could tell and I
can't wait until the next one.

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