Welcome to the dsquared art gallery where we
showcase different styles of art that dsquared graphic
design is capable of creating on many different levels:
for the web, as a frame-able print, as a postcard
...for home, office, coffee table, guitar case, t-shirt design, etc.

Please e-mail doug@dsquared.org if you are interested in legitimately
using any of our images for one of YOUR projects... OR you can
have a CUSTOM ILLUSTRATION designed for you.

Click any of the images below to see larger versions.

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Animations & CD Covers

Wormtown Holiday flyer

Leslie Camera


Spacebabe Asian

Biopop flyer

Garrison flyer

Whitetoast flyer

New England Classic Gamers flyer

Letdown band flyer

Spacebabe Grrlz

DM Doug



PPGs in Worcester


Sexy Glance


Happy Angry

Geek Auto Theft


Bleep Bloop

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Animations & CD Covers

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