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NEW Action Geek art show
at Acoustic Java!

Acoustic Java at 932 Main Street, Worcester, MA is currently
playing host to an exhibition of artwork by Action Geek -
Doug Chapel. As the show was kind of an impromptu thing,
we here at dsquared have no exact idea as to how long this show
will be on exhibit, but I am very honored and happy to have this
collection of art on display for all to see and maybe even buy!

NEW Action Geek art show at Bean Counter!

This January 2017, Bean Counter Bakery and Coffee Shop played host
to an exhibition of artwork by Action Geek - Doug Chapel.
The show was called "Future Perfect" and focused somewhat
on the theme of a future gone somehow a bit askew or downright
wrong. There were fully-completed full-color illustrations
on display as well as larger, blown-up, re-worked,
quasi-re-constructed artwork from sketchbooks.

The show ran the entire month of January 2017.

Action Geek comic'zine
Number 3 - For Sale!

32 pages, FULL COLOR,
pocketsized for your convenience!
Why does it cost $4? Because it
is just THAT good. Comics, art,
some reviews and commentary.
And limited to a total of 25
hand-numbered copies. That's it.
Action Geek STORE

NEW Action Geek BATMAN DAY 2016 prints!

That's Entertainment comic book store in Worcester, MA invited
Action Geek to be one of the four artists participating in 2016's
celebration of BATMAN DAY. Our job was to be on-hand to create
drawings and sketches on-demand on requested Batman etc. characters.
I personally did about 30+ cartoon illustrations in a 5 hour time-
span and had a lot of fun seeing all of the kids and adults all
dressed up as their favorite characters!

For this special occasion, Action Geek created not just one, but
THREE original, full-color prints all revolving around the Caped
Crusader. I even included a gorgeous print created by Action Dad
- Rich Chapel! All of these pieces of art are available for sale
at the Action Geek - dsquared.org store!

Action Geek & Silverstray on TWITCH TV!

Doug - Silverstray builds Gundam robot models on his
TWITCH TV show and he asked me to design some graphics
to add more of a robot - apocalypse - DIFFERENT kind of
look and I think we succeeded in a big way!
(click on any of these images to see larger!)

****** NOW ON SALE!!!! ******

Nonstop Action is a 100 page full-color
art book collecting together 20 years worth of art
by Action Geek aka Doug Chapel.
(Cost: $20.00 U.S. - shipping costs included!)
***** Only 200 copies made! Get yours now! ******

NonStop Action book now sold on good ol' Amazon.com!!!