Click on the panels to make 'em big & read-able

Page 1 - Doug, Force Commander, Antron, Space Glider, Pharoid,
Acroyear and the completely obscure Kronos (talking to Antron)

Page 2 - Microtron, Biotron, Acroyear, IG-88 & 2-1B (Star Wars),
(not to mention the nearly microscopic R2-D2 and C3PO in the top right)
small Force Commander, Boba Fett, Emperor, King Atlas & Red Falcon
---> (the last three are Italian Micronaut Magno-powered guys)

Page 3 - Hydro Copter, Time Traveler, Lady Command,
generic Transformer, small Space Glider, ROM Spaceknight, small R2-D2,
3 Marvel comics: Micronauts #15, ROM #1, Transformer Universe #4,
LED-Powered new Microman, a disgruntled Space Glider...

Page 4 - Space Glider & Microtron drinkin' it up at the Chatterbox,
Doug holding a teensy tiny copy of Micronauts #15 from which
I traced the death-scene of Microtron seen in the bottom left...
Space Glider making up with Acroyear II.

This comic originally appeared in black & white in a comic / 'zine
called "My Friend The Micronaut", organized by Bwana Spoons
of the 'zine "Ain't Nothin' Like Fuckin' Moonshine".
---> Here's his happy little Bwana-wanna-ding-dong website
(especially check out his "gallery of artwork")

This comic is also available as a full-color
glossy print suitable for framing.
Actual dimensions: 11x11 inches square.

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