This means that you need to schedule me in advance, by calling a couple days ahead
to see if I can help you out or not. For example: I was scheduled a week
ago to help Mr. Smith go from Sterling Street to the Worcester Airport on a Sunday.

Welcome to Doug-Cab! Welcome to Worcester!

*** Doug has switched to DAY-SHIFT!!! ***

My name is Doug Chapel and I've been a
cab driver in Worcester, MA for going on five
years now. I've lived in the Worcester area
all of my life, and love travelling the world
outside of Worcester as well!

Before becoming a Worcester taxi driver, I spent
15 years in the graphic design field and I still
do freelance design work as well as a bi-weekly
political / social cartoon for InCity Times.

I can be your guide to great restaurants,
bars, nightlife and a general safe taxi ride
between points A and wherever for a fair price!
I lease a cab from Red Cab of Worcester
and in no way am I trying to compete or take
away business from Red Cab itself. I am trying
to provide a different, customizable taxi
service with an emphasis on customer service.

All too often I hear horror stories of cab rides
where the long way has been taken or where the
driver was not friendly or hospitable and in
some cases, not knowledgable of Worcester's unique
amenities and therefore unable to suggest or make
reccomendations of places to go and things to see
in the city of Worcester. Doug-Cab is different
in that I can be tour guide & cab driver all in one!

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Doug-Cab operates primarily on a CASH basis, but we also offer...

Credit & Debit Card Payments

Doug-Cab accepts both through PayPal which is
a safe, secure online way of doing credit
and debit card payments.

Unlike other cab companies, Doug-Cab

Here's how it works:

E-mail or Call Doug-Cab and let me know:
- WHERE & WHEN you want to be picked up
- YOUR DESTINATION and then Doug-Cab
will contact you with a price.
- Go to PayPal and hit "Send Money":
- Enter scootergeek@gmail.com or
5083356399 in the "To:" section.
- Enter the PRICE I give you into the
"Amount:" section.
- Hit "Services/Other" and CONTINUE.


PRINT-OUT a receipt from PayPal or have the
text message confirmation of payment on your
cell phone and BRING IT WITH YOU!

Doug-Cab goes NOWHERE without confirmation.

It's as easy as THAT!

Please be patient! Doug-Cab is a one-man-operation.
I need at least 12-hour notice to make sure I can guarantee your ride.
Or CALL ME and we can make special arrangements.

RUSH JOBS - need to go immediately? - CALL ME!
508-335-6399 between 6am - 8pm Monday thru Saturday
Other days / holidays by special arrangement only!

Halloween 2008!

Just a few of the happy customers who rode in Doug Cab on Halloween 2008 night!

dsquared.org is my
graphic design / illustration
and everything else I do
website & online art gallery.

See, I'm not JUST a cab driver!
Click & check it out!