Action Geek Coloring Book'Zine #1

COLOR! - That's right! We want you to color these illustrations in!
Crayons, markers, orscan and Photoshop the color in!

SEND! - Send the actual page via snailmail:
Action Geek, 12 Grenada St., Worcester, MA 01602 USA
or e-mail 72 dpi / 6 inch width minimum JPEG files.

GET FREE STUFF! - We will send you
FREE Action Geek swag based on how many pages you submit!

(more below!)

pg 2

pg 3

pg 4

pg 5

pg 6

pg 8

pg 9

pg 13

pg 7

pg 10-11

pg 12

pg 14

page 15

page 16

page 17

pg 18

page 19

Download - FREE PDF format version!

Select submissions will be put up on a special AG Coloring Book Fan Page
up on the dsquared.org website.

Images that we consider to be especially awesome will be rewarded
with some extra special Action Geek stuff to be announced...

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