Behind-The-Zines #15

Action Geek #15 is a fresh start of sorts. I'd almost
dismiss all of the previous issue if it weren't for the fact that
I think the art was top notch and the feelings were very real.
Moving on, though, I'm going to TRY to keep Action Geek to
some sort of theme or even 2 themes like this new issue is made
up of: collecting stuff and travelling places.

The Cover (AG15)
A disgruntled kitty (Mathilda) lounging it up in the laundry
basket on top of my washing machine, surrounded by Star
Wars characters, an inflatable soon-to-be defunct
Sanrio fawn, robots and a cartoon "me" all spells
out all the makings for a strange, wild Action Geek ride...

Inside Cover (AG15)
No, I don't have a deathwish or a desire to be entombed in a
clear, plexiglass coffin and put on display for all my super
buddies to walk by and spit on me... This drawing was based
on the inside splash page of an old Superman comic
in which Supes supposedly dies (again).

Eight Page Insert (AG15)
Drawn almost immediately after a great day out with my
Dad at the Grafton Flea Market and at Coney Island Hotdogs.
It was never intended to be strictly 8 pages or about anything
in particular... I was just in an elated mood, I was out on the
front porch, listening to jazz on a Sunday afternoon and doing
some fun cartooning about my love of collecting. All the photo
pages of my stuff came not long after...

The Collector (AG15)
This was the next-to-last thing finished for this issue. I drew it
on a day home on a holiday Monday when I had nothing really to do
and there was Mothra just waiting to be drawn about. As a
weird coincidence, tonight (the night I typed this up), I saw one
of the Halloween episodes of the Simpsons where the
Comic Book Guy plays an evil "Collector"... And NO, I
DON'T believe my toys & collectibles TALK to eachother when I
leave the house... as far as I know, anyway...

The Travel Section (AG15)
Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love travelling and love
telling people of my travels. I don't think I'm alone in this and I
wanted to try to get some outside anecdotal contributions from
people about little, oddball things that happened to them while
seeing the world whether for business or pleasure. (Special thanks
go out to Dad, Matt Towler, Joe SantaMaria, Dominic, Cheryl and
Monique, who's story was left out due to space reasons...)

NYC Trip '02 (AG15)
This trip completely negates, wipes off the map, eliminates
the PREVIOUS trip I made to New York with a certain special
someone who isn't all that special to me anymore, and if you're
reading this now, I know you know who I mean. NOT that this trip
was meant to be a re-do or a make-up or anything like that...
I went to Stamford, CT with Cheryl and we stayed at my Dad's,
whooped it up at a Stamford club called Violets, took
the train to NYC the next morning, and had a blast... This comic
fairly depicts MOST of the stuff that went on in our daytrip
to the Big Apple. All that's left out are the intangibles, the
feeling of freedom that one feels as a tourist, as a shopper...
Definitely go visit NYC for yourself...

On a sad note, one of the stores mentioned in this NYC story,
Canal Jeans in SoHo, on Broadway, is closing and being
replaced by a Bloomingdale's. FIVE FLOORS of cool clothes
is calling it quits and is having a massive sale between now
(Oct.) and the end of 2002. The Brooklyn store I've never been to
before is still open, but it won't be the same... Here are the closing
flyer / announcements I got in my e-mail:

[Click on the images to read them better]

PopBot - Ashley Wood (AG15)
This was kinda just thrown in at the end because I didn't want
it to me forgotten about. Ashley Wood is definitely
one of my favorite unconventional comic book artists these
days and his PopBot series is especially challenging
for both the reader and avid art fan. Comics don't have to be
simple, mindless drivel... comics SHOULD make us think more...
and sexy robot babes, talking cats and evil demon hunters are
pretty cool, too.

Back Inside Covers (AG15)
I accidentally made TWO back inside covers and I liked them both,
seeing how this IS my comic book'zine thing, I decided to use them
both. The one with my ugly mug on it was done first, around the
same time I drew up the inside cover. This page sorta shows my
process: steal, photocopy, trace, ink, erase, scan and go crazy with
in Photoshop on the computer.

The second inside back cover was done after returning from NYC
and having bought the current issue of Surface, a style,
fashion magazine where I found this model posing for an ad for
Fornarina, who not only have cool women's clothes, but
a very fun website to at:

Back Cover (AG15)
Usually the back cover is left off the web, but I liked the art, so...
Please note such noted notable pseudo-celebrities: DJ Mike
eating lobster (an old photo from 2 summers ago, up at Hampton
Beach, NH), Godzilla bubble toy thing atop a flattened red
deviul duck thing in my bathroom, Tony Wilson from the
movie/documentary/reality "24 Hour Party People" which
as of this writing, I've seen 3 times and I still plan on buying the
DVD when it comes out and then there's Ronald McDonald,
one of my favorite advertising mascots of all-time.