Action Geek #12 marked a big change in the life of Doug,
that being my meeting of Laura, my new girlfriend, who has already
made a huge impact in my life after only a mere 2 months of knowing

The Cover (AG12)
Based on an old Popular Mechanics magazine that I found at a yard sale
in Holden. There's actually TWO covers to this issue, the other featuring a
model from the clothing line, MILK.

Laura Monsta (AG12)
So much can be read into this story revolving around Laura. I first met
her through the personal ads on The Weekly Dig site.
and Laura actually responded to the ad that I had placed and that started
the ball rolling on our relationship. We had long talks on the phone and then
met after a week of great conversations. She's into Godzilla movies, works
as an "instructional designer" for a notably HUGE insurance company, and
loved the whole idea of being cartoon-ified by me and published both on-paper
and on the web for all to see. Contrary to one interpretation, this cartoon is
NOT all about Laura's pent-up rage or her family's tendency toward any sort
disposition one way or the other... it's about a female Godzilla and I thought
it was a great way to express my love for this truly unique and exciting person...

Friday Night (AG12)
Drawn prior to meeting Laura, but completed after meeting Laura,
this story is about a Friday night spent at home waiting for a phone
call that never comes. It also incorporates some pent-up rage I have
towards a certain Worcester band-oriented organization that is more
bother than it is worth for me to deal with. There's also Medic Droid
2-1B, Kogepan (Burnt Toast Dude), and Cassan Robot Hunter in there, too.

Zine Show Review / Kaiju Big Battel (AG12)
Fun, self-explanatory reviews....

Glowing He-Man - page 16 (AG12)
On our first date out in Northampton, where Laura was residing,
she took me to an old, closed down former State Mental Hospital
where I took a whole bunch of photos for future use in Action Geek.
Where the He-Man idea came from, I dunno...

He-Man Birthday Party - page 17 (AG12)
He-Man makes a second appearance in this issue at
my nephew Jack's birthday party.

Back Inside Cover (AG12)
Background photo taken while Laura & I were in Brooklyn, hanging out
with her photographer friends, Lisa & Ben. This is an intersection off
Bedford Street.